International Style


International Style 

We offer you exclusive Schwarzkopf products including the Schwarzkopf Bonacure Range as well as the OSIS Styling Range.



The ultimate Hair Care System !

International Style exclusively makes use of the Schwarzkopf Colour Range and Naturalmente organic products and colors.

 Why should you choose Naturalmente products?

. Includes 100% pure aromas and substances from plants and flowers

. Promotes and supports respect of the environment

. Does not carry out any tests on animals, not in finished products or       during testing

 .Refuses to use substances derived from petrochemical processes that   pollute the environment

 .Obtains raw materials from certified organic biological cultivations

. Promotes collaboration with eco-aware farmers to enhance their           economic sustenance

 . Supports and develops eco-business


What puts Naturalmente apart?

The ingredients used in the Naturalmente products are created with a complex mix of essential oils and substances derived from the         botanical kingdom

The products are based on the principles of aromatherapy with the aim of promoting the well being of the body and mind,while protecting the environment

Naturalmente products contain no harmful substances such as petrochemical by-products, parabens, synthetic substances,animal derivatives, and sodium lauryl sulphates

The packaging is made from natural materials(maize)which are recyclable and  compostable 


Special of the month R 400.- for full color !

Naturalmente organic color system R 450.-

Mycro Keratin System    R 800.-

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